Fishing Report for May 14, 2021


Bruneau weather:

Fri 14 82°/52° Mostly Cloudy 7% NW 15 mph

Sat 15 82°/49° Partly Cloudy 2% NW 9 mph

Sun 16 88°/52° Sunny 2% N 12 mph

Anderson weather:

Fri 14 81°/51° Mostly Cloudy 0% NW 6 mph

Sat 15 81°/50° Partly Cloudy 1% NW 8 mph

Sun 16 87°/51° Sunny 0% N 11 mph

Boise weather:

Fri 14 80°/52° Cloudy 0% WNW 12 mph

Sat 15 83°/54° Partly Cloudy 0% WNW 11 mph

Sun 16 86°/55° Sunny 0% WNW 9 mph

Cascade weather:

Fri 14 68°/42° Cloudy 2% NNW 8 mph

Sat 15 72°/43° Mostly Sunny 2% N 9 mph

Sun 16 76°/43° Sunny 2% NNW 8 mph

Oxbow, OR

Fri 14 80°/53° AM Clouds 1% N 11 mph

Sat 15 83°/53° Sunny 0% N 13 mph

Sun 16 88°/54° Sunny 0% NW 7 mph

Moon Phases:

New moon May 11th

Best fishing looks to be earlier in the day with peak fishing times around 5 to 6 am. The bite may pick up slightly again from 3 to 6 pm but don’t expect huge activity. If you are planning a trip based on moon phases, I recommend waiting till the week before Memorial day the three days before and after the full moon on the 26.

Boat ramps:

Anderson Ranch: Elevation 4169.52, All boat ramps open

Arrow Rock: Elevation 3182.77, Both high and low ramps open

Cascade: Elevation 4822.58, All ramps except French Creek open. French Creek is 4824’

Deadwood: Elevation 5319.1, Cozy Cove ramp is open

Lake Lowell: Elevation 2527.55, All ramps are open

Lucky Peak: Elevation 3040.86, All ramps except Robie Creek are open.

Want to be a part of the show? Email us with questions or your fishing report from your last trip.


Caldwell Rotary Pond – 900 Rainbow Trout. Located in a park-like setting with plenty of shade and lots of bank fishing opportunity for young anglers. A dock invites visitors of every mobility level to enjoy the fishing.

Grimes Creek – 1,600 Rainbow Trout. In addition to hatchery rainbows, small to medium-sized wild fish are also found in this creek. It is best fished shortly after high water.

Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond – 900 Rainbow Trout. Just north of town, this pond features easy access and productive fishing for bass and trout in a pleasant setting next to the Payette River. This is one of more than seventy waters designated as Family Fishing Waters in Idaho. These waters have been established to make it easier for families to go and enjoy fishing. The rules are simple and there are lots of fish to catch.

Parkcenter Pond – 700 Rainbow Trout. This is a popular local fishing pond with a paved path alongside docks and tables with maturing trees. This convenient pond is located near the greenbelt and the BSU campus.

Cascade Reservoir                                   May 24                                             87,650

Lucky Peak Reservoir (Boise)                 May 3                                                  6,775

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