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I spent my youth fishing the banks of lakes of central North Carolina in search of that trophy largemouth bass. As kids, my brothers, cousins, and I were all looking for double digits, the 10 pounder largemouth bass. I came close a couple of times, getting over 9 but not quite getting that big hawg. So I fish as much as possible, casting everything from tried and true to the next best lure in order to find that monster bass.

This site isn’t about what lures or bait to use, or what is the best rod and reel combo. We won’t wander off into the weeds of spinner versus fly fishing. There won’t be discussions over which is the best fish to catch. This site is about what the fishing conditions are like for your upcoming fishing trip. We will provide you with a one-stop place to learn about weather conditions, moon phases, stocking reports, and fishing reports. Our goal at Gem State Fishing is to help you decide which of your precious days off you should fish or maybe stay at home and work on that to-do list.

I do not claim to be the most knowledgeable fishing expert, in fact, I would say that I continue to learn every time I go out on the water. For that reason, I have found some folks that are known for being the leaders in the angling business to bring you expert advice and tips that can make both you and me better anglers. If you feel like you, or someone you know, is an expert and would be beneficial to our show and website, please have them contact me so we can look at bringing them into our family.

You may see us out on the water in our pontoon, the Two Dog Boat. If you do, give us a wave or a honk of the horn and say hello! We love to interact with other like-minded folks and, as my wife once told me “You’ve never met a stranger, have you?” No, I really haven’t and I love to chat with folks. I hope you find our podcast and website informational and useful and as I love to say, “We’ll see you on the water.”

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